Since 1953 Primorsko is declared for national tourism sea resort. There are conditions for different types of tourism - recreational, cultural, rural, fishing, hunting, sports, ecotourism and others.

Of great importance for the development of tourism in Primorsko are the beaches with a total area of 1045 thousand square meters, apart from that just the protected dunes are 523 thousand square meters.


Primorsko is a bulgarian sea resort, located in a bay in the shape of a crescent. In the area are the largest and cleanest beaches on the southern Black sea coast. There are more than 500 000 beds in the hotels. The conglomeration consists of the old neighborhood of Primorsko, the new neighborhood, Uzundjata, complex MMC, Primorsko and Kiten. In the 80s Primorsko, Kiten and MMC are united by the BCP in a town ( 1981 ) and there is an idea the new settlement to be named Lazur beach. With the fall of the BCP they are separated into two towns. To present day the conglomeration Primorsko has most beds ( more than 1000 hotels and private rooms ). The population of Primorsko is 7526 people. In the summer season than number is more than 350 000.