Typical lagoons for Primorsko are : Ropotamo, Alepu, Arkutino and Stamopolu. The swamp is thick with swamp  plantdation and its banks are not well outlined. Its depth is more than one meter, its bottom is covered in silt.

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Economic and infrastructure

Every year Primorsko is visited by millions of foreign and bulgarian tourists. The infrastructure is well developed, there are regular buses to the nearby resorts and towns, a regular line to the capital, also to many diestinations abroad. The town has an aquapark, restaurants offering traditional bulgarian meals, fasr foods, pizzas, cafes, bars, discos, taverns, snack bars and shops. Part of the entertainments for the tourists are attractions like kite surf, water skiing, water slides, surf, scooters, jets, fishing, a trip with a boat or am yacht, beach volleyball, tennis courts and many others.

Culture and landmarks

Close to Primorsko is hidden a paradisiac world of forests, dunes and swamp flowers. Here is also the reserve „Ropotamo“, declared for such in 1940, situated on both side of river Ropotamo. It includes other smaller reserves : „Arkutino“, which is a swamp-lagoon with a very rich vegetation, „Snake island“ - famous not only for the snakes, but also for its cacti, „Sea pelin“ - named after the herb sea pelin, which grows there, and „Water lilies“ - which includes the lily garden in the old watercourse. River Ropotamo is 50 kilometers long and it is formed by rivers Rosenska and Tserovska, which flow from Strandja. Its upper stream is limnetic, but as the river approches the sea it becomes saltwater. The banks, surrounded with vegetation, alternant with dunes and cliff formations.

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Primorsko has a medical centre, diagnostic and consulting center, two general medical outpatient pharmacies, dental cabinets and a number of pharmacies.


From TRRS Primorsko are broadcasted the national radio and TV programmes for the southern Black sea coast. In Primorsko are many radio stations, some of them are : Power FM, BNR Radio Varna, Radio Focus, TRT-FM, BNR Horizont, BNR Hristo Botev, TRT Radyo 4, TRT Radyo 1, Darik Radio, Radio N-Joy, BG Radio, TRT Radyo Haber, Bulgaria On Air, Radio Veselina.

There are many TV programmes too, the versions are :

  • terrestrial television -BNT 1 , Nova, btv
  • cable television - cable operator SKAT
  • Main radio centre and studio for the Southern Black sea coast „Skat south“ of the national televisions „SKAT“ and „Skat +“

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Primorsko is connected to all settlements on thue Black sea coast through the panoramic coastal road. The international airport Sarafovo - Burgas i 60 kilometers away from Primorsko and 3 kilometers away is located the local airport Primorsko with 950 meters lenght for small airplanes.


Since 1953 Primorsko is declared for national tourism sea resort. There are conditions for different types of tourism - recreational, cultural, rural, fishing, hunting, sports, ecotourism and others.

Of great importance for the development of tourism in Primorsko are the beaches with a total area of 1045 thousand square meters, apart from that just the protected dunes are 523 thousand square meters.


Primorsko is a bulgarian sea resort, located in a bay in the shape of a crescent. In the area are the largest and cleanest beaches on the southern Black sea coast. There are more than 500 000 beds in the hotels. The conglomeration consists of the old neighborhood of Primorsko, the new neighborhood, Uzundjata, complex MMC, Primorsko and Kiten. In the 80s Primorsko, Kiten and MMC are united by the BCP in a town ( 1981 ) and there is an idea the new settlement to be named Lazur beach. With the fall of the BCP they are separated into two towns. To present day the conglomeration Primorsko has most beds ( more than 1000 hotels and private rooms ). The population of Primorsko is 7526 people. In the summer season than number is more than 350 000.

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Whole coast around Primorsko is full of ruins ancient and wonderful towns.  One of the largest fortresses - Ranuli rises on the peak Wolf cale. It was a regional centre in Medieval times.

In 2003 around 2-3 killometers from the fortress wall found an almost untouched by time sanctuary - observatory of Ranuli, built from large stones, arranged in irregular circles and in certain days the sun rays pass through them. Also was located an altar, a throne and the largest dolmen known to science. It was built in the XIV century B.C. and it is considered to have been used till the V century B.C.


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Because of the lack of large industrial companies, the ecological environment in Primorsko is not endangered. But we still have cases of poaching in state and municipal lands.