Priorsko is a town with a various relief. The picturesque Oil cape, cape Korakja, the firth of river Ropotamo, Devil river, cliff formations like the Lion head and the two spacious beaches with clean and soft sands are surrounded by dunes.

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The climate in Primorsko is mediterrenean, subtropical wet with Black sea influance from the east, continental influance from the west and mediterrenean from the south. The average anual amplitudes are the lowest in the country. The sunshine is more than 2200 hours annually. In the summer it coveres 65 % of  light part of the day. In the area of Primorsko ( residence Pearl ) are measured 293 sunny days in the year.

The local names of the winds in Primorsko are :

  • The South - warm and strong wind, which blows from the White sea
  • Byalas - warm, devastating wind, which blows from the Marmara sea dries the soil in early spring.
  • Morskiet - a breeze, warm eastern wind, which in the summer blows the whole day from the sea to the land, and in the night, the other way around
  • Yesnikat - northeastern wind, which tears the clouds apart, runs off the fogs and the weather becomes sunny
  • Gornyoe - strong, cold northern wind
  • Purnas - cold northern wind, which blows in the winter

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